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Entrepreneur's Workshop

Entrepeneurs WorkshopPlease note that this is not a service offered by SSIT, it's a not-for-profit event: it's a way of SSIT's founder Raj Gurmukhani to give back to the community.

The objective of the workshops is to empower and inspire entrepreneurs. People who are committed to taking charge of their life and are willing to put in the effort it takes to make their dreams come true!

It's a shame that a big percentage of people who really want to run their own business either don’t start or give up their dream of running their business when faced with the harsh reality of what it takes to pull it off! I am committed to mentoring these individuals and set them up for success, so they can also achieve a life of their dreams.

Last Workshop on 28th May was a huge success (judging based on the Feedback Forms participants filled out). Approximately 55 people attended and all said that they would come back for more. We are currently planning the next workshop. The topic quite a few people wanted to cover is Business Plan. Walking in with a business idea and walking out with a written business plan. A hands-on workshop that gets specific about YOUR particular business plan. We are inviting expressions of interest at this stage.

What holds most people back is generally one of two things:

  1. Fear of the unknown (it's always easier than you think)
  2. Not having the know-how (how to set up what’s required to run a business: Marketing, Sales, Accounts, Admin, Taxation & Compliance)

We discussed both at the event. We started with the mindset, then moved on to the "How" part: writing down your business model on 1 page

This was not a one-off event. It is the beginning of a new series of workshops. For those of you who are really committed to running a successful business, I am happy to offer you one-on-one regular business mentoring over the phone - free of charge! What's in it for me: the joy and satisfaction I get when you tell me your success stories later!

Richard Branson said business is like painting a picture, only difference is - it never finishes! It would be useful to have someone by your side to mentor you through the journey. Ultimately, creating a business from nothing is Alchemy. The journey priceless!

About the Presenter:

  • Raj Gurmukhani - Arrived in Australia in 2000, started from nothing and built a successful business (owner/founder of SSIT) from scratch. Learnt so many valuable lessons along the way.
  • Managing a comprehensive personal investment property portfolio
  • I work approximately 20 to 30 hours per week and my wife works 10 to 15 hours per week. We focus our time and energy on our kids. We take holidays regularly - 1 international and 2 local holidays every year. Have been able to achieve the work life balance that we wanted for ourselves. My wife and I work really well as a team.
  • As a way of giving back to the community, leading this workshop to inspire entrepreneurs. I really enjoy providing business mentoring to keep on empowering business owners in their journey.

Topics that were covered at the workshop:

  • Mindset required for achieving success
  • Financial Freedom (how to make money work for you, rather than working for money)
  • How to start your own business (business model)
  • Maintaining Work Life Balance from Day 1
  • Open discussion and questions
  • Practical tips and tricks and more importantly the method to follow when embarking on this amazing (and challenging) journey.

Guest Presenters: Subject Matter Experts that presented:

As promised, the slides used at the workshop are available for you to download:

Inviting expressions of interest in next workshop on writing a Business Plan. One Day hands-on workshop limited to 20 participants. Please email [email protected] with your expression of interest.