Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services

Migrating Email Hosting to Cloud just got easier in Sydney

Reasons to migrate email hosting:

  • If the features provided by your existing Managed Exchange Cloud Hosting are inadequate. Microsoft Office 365 offers a robust and fully featured email hosting solution. It get's constantly updated to the latest versions by Microsoft themselves. Benefits of Microsoft Office 365
  • You no longer have to keep the old on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server running in your office. No need to pay an IT Company to manage your in house email server

Email Migration Process:

  • Create and activate new Microsoft Office 365 Tenant Account
  • Order the required number of correct license type which is right for your business
  • Create Mailboxes, Aliases, Distribution Groups and Shared Mailbxes
  • Migration Software moves the emails from the old mailbox to the new one
  • Once all mailboxes have migrated across, we update the DNS records
  • New Outlook profile set up on all computers, mobile phones, iPad's etc

Benefits of using SSIT's Email Migration Service:

  • No interruption to email service
  • No emails are lost in the process as we perform a Delta Pass
  • Passwords for new mailboxes are recorded and a copy provided to you
  • Ensure all mailboxes are transferred across
  • Confirm all devices can send/receive emails and are synced up with the email / contact / calendar history
  • SSIT's Engineer will manage the project end to end, so you don't have to stress at all
Price: $200+GST per mailbox

Peace of Mind professionally managed end-to-end Microsoft Office 365 Migration Service

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