Business Continuity Planning

Protect your key business systems in Sydney

Unforeseen disasters can stop your company in its tracks - if one were to come along, would you be prepared? Coping with and being able to survive disasters require advanced planning and preparation. But all too often business owners fail to have an effective business continuity plan in place, and so expose their organisation to the risk and damage caused by disasters.

SSIT’s Business Continuity Planning services provide protection for your valuable data, and ensure that your employees have access to the files and applications needed to keep your company up and running both during and after a disaster.

Secure your company’s data and future

Imagine coming into your office one day only to find your precious data destroyed overnight by a flood. You simply can’t afford to leave your business unprotected and vulnerable to disasters. Having an effective business continuity plan that is ready at a moment’s notice will ensure the continued existence of your company in the event of a disaster.

Business Continuity Planning services from SSIT include:

  • Consistent operation and recovery preparation - get your business back on its feet, fast
  • Backup and data restoration - maximum data protection with our hosted offsite storage

SSIT analyses the risks and works with you to develop preventative security precautions to protect your business against lost revenue and reputation damage.

How we do it?


Datto is the industry leading provider of a robust DR (Disaster Recovery) and Business Continuity Solution. This is suitable for businesses who have high dependence on their IT and need a solution that allows them to continue to operate while their server is being fixed. Options available:

Cloud Virtualization (Alto 2) ($250 per month)

  • This allows mounting of your server remotely in a Virtual Environment in the Cloud (in case of a total disaster).
  • Performance of the server will depend on your Internet Connection Speed
  • Total Data Size cannot be more than 500GB for this option

Local + Cloud Virtualization (Siris)

  • This allows mounting of your server remotely in a Virtual Environment Locally OR in the Cloud (in case of a total disaster).
  • Since the temporary server is virtualized on the local network, performance is very good
  • Price depends on your data size. Add the total data size on the server and multiply by 2. For example, if your data size is 250GB, SB500 will be suitable. On a 3 year agreement, the initial price is $1,426 for the device (including labour to set up) and $263 per month ongoing.
Device SB500 SB1000 SB2000 SP3000 SP5000
No Contract Hardware & Setup 2,425 2,835 4,235 4,545 5,125
Monthly Fee 329 449 589 769 1,009
1 Year Contract Hardware & Setup 1,855 2,101 2,341 3,127 3,475
Monthly Fee 291 387 499 643 835
3 Year Contract Hardware & Setup 1,426 1,551 1,671 2,064 2,238
Monthly Fee 263 341 432 549 705
5 Year Contract Hardware & Setup 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Monthly Fee 235 295 365 455 575



  • Main benefit is that Recovery takes minutes rather than hours.
  • Even in the case of Virus, Cryptolocker or Ransomware attack, you can rely on this solution to work
  • Suitable for business with a very high reliance on IT and just cannot afford any down time.

Prepare for whatever storms come your way.

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