Backup and Disaster Recovery

Don’t leave the survival of your business to chance

Disasters, whether in the form of natural causes or more often man-made errors, can compromise your critical business data and force your company to close its doors for good. Why risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build, when you can turn to SSIT's Data Backup and Recovery solutions to protect your company’s most valuable asset?

Backup and Disaster recovery solutions from SSIT employ the most up-to-date backup technology to secure your information, which gives you the reassurance that your data backups are safe and restorable on demand.

Best-in-class backup solutions

Experience total peace of mind when you let SSIT manage your backups. We employ the latest technology to perform completely dependable data backup and recovery. We even make a backup of your backups for maximum protection! Your most valuable assets will be safely transferred to our offsite data center, restorable at a moment’s notice.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions offer:

  • Data Redundancy - reduce downtime when a server fails
  • Fast Recovery - get back to business quickly if a disaster should hit
  • Offsite Storage - secure remote backup storage
  • Seeding & Bandwidth Throttling - full-speed back up without slowing your Internet
  • All-Inclusive Agents - backup solutions that integrate with your systems and software
  • Extensive Reporting - detailed backup history report
  • Inclusive Updates - stay up-to-date on the latest hardware and software

Through our partnership with industry leaders, we can equip you with reliable disaster recovery services for an all-inclusive fee, so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs affecting your IT budget. With SSIT's Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions, you can supercharge your business and never look back.

How we do it?

Local Backup

  • Backups happen daily after hours to the internal hard drive on another dedicated computer on the network.
  • When we need to recover a certain file or folder, they can be restored from latest backup
  • It’s an Image Based Backup which allows us to do a bare metal restore in case the operating system issue
  • This is your first level of protection.

Local Backup + Manual Offsite (managed by client)

  • You need 2 USB portable hard drives for this. The backup computer then has one USB hard drive plugged in to it all times. There is a second one kept at an alternative premises offsite. Backup Software copies the latest backup to the USB hard drive, automatically deleting the old backups on the drive.
  • There is no monthly fee for this option.
  • You do need to swap the USB hard drive daily.
  • This is your second level of protection

Automated Offsite Backup Options:

Offsite Backup to Cloud ($80 per month)

  • You computers / server(s) back up automatically to the Cloud after hours. This allows recovery of files & folders only in case of a total disaster.
  • Unlimited Data
  • It does take time to download the data from the internet depending on your internet speed
  • This solution does not allow us to do a bare metal restore

Offsite Backup to SSIT’s Private Cloud ($250 per month)

  • Backups are transferred automatically to SSIT’s Private Cloud
  • Unlimited Data
  • It allows bare metal restore of entire server
  • This solution requires a dedicated backup computer
  • In case of a total disaster, where your local backup is corrupted AND you don’t have a current backup on a USB drive (for example you forgot to swap the USB drive the night before), then we have to bring the backup from our office and perform the restore. The time to start recovery in this scenario is at least 4 hours

Please note that in case of a Cryptolocker or a ransomware attack, there is a chance that the solutions above may or may not work if the backups also get encrypted by the Virus. There are other options available for a robust Business Continuity Solution

Protect your business against disasters and disruptions.

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