Apple Technical Support

Apple Technical Support for Businesses in Sydney

If your business uses Apple Mac's and you need technical support in setting up Apple Macs property in a business environment, SSIT can assist. We have been supporting businesses in in Sydney since 2004 with their Apple Technical Support requirements.

Apple IT Consulting is a specialised field, it requires the IT company to understand how to effectively choose, implement and network Apple Computers to optimum business performance 

Apple Mac IT Consulting

We believe in setting up your IT infrastructure properly. Whether you use Macs or Windows as your choice of operating system or a combination of both, it doesn't matter as long as it is networked properly. We find that businesses may have a Windows Server (for their data and certain application software) and use MacBooks or iMacs as Workstations (they look sexy, don't they). If setup properly, the combination can work quite well

Apple Technical Support from SSIT gives you:

  • Apple IT Consulting - to help you choose the right Mac Server and specifications of the Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac or Mac Mini for your business requirements
  • Apple Mac Backup Solutions - implementing the right backup strategy for fully automated and monitored backup of all your Apple devices using Time Machine
  • Mac OS X Server installation - professionally installed Apple Mac OS X Server can save you a lot of grief later on
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance - to reduce the chances of downtime
  • Mac Email Setup - Setting up Mail or Outlook on your Mac to connect to your email account on Office 365 or other cloud email hosting
  • Connectivity with Windows - a lot of businesses have a mixed environment with Windows Servers, it requires experience and expertise in supporting such environments
  • Mac Troubleshooting - over a decade experience in solving Mac issues
  • Prompt support - we’re here to help and we are very quick to respond

If you are looking for Mac Specialist focussed on Mac Apple Technical Support for Businesses, then SSIT is the way to go

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