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For any company, large or small, having a dedicated IT Support Company is essential to ensuring the longevity of their business, and not just Mon-Fri.

Companies need smart IT solutions, assistance and support that provides immediate assistance, as and when required. As a business located in the South Sydney area, you don’t want to worry about technology and networks because those are the things that are not your strong points. This is where an IT Support Company can step in and provide you with the service you need, without you having to micro-manage the process.

An IT Support Company will provide professional and independent advice around your business IT support and IT solution needs, tailoring any service to meet the requirements of your company. There is no ‘one size fits all’; it’s all about making sure that the services provided fit the needs and requirements of your company.

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So What Is IT Support Anyway?

IT Support covers a lot of different aspects, and it will really depend on what your business needs in terms of support. It could be just a service agreement that provides immediate repairs to your computers or a service that manages all of your internet security requirements. Understanding what your business requires is the first step. Here is a brief list of the types of services and support covered by an IT Support Company:

  • IT consulting – advice on what systems work for your business.
  • IT relocations – helping you move from office to office.
  • IT outsourcing – moving all your IT support to an outside provider.
  • Cloud computing and virtualisation – providing solutions to meet your business needs for cloud-based systems.
  • Managed IT services and IT support – all the hassle is taken away from you and managed by the IT Support.
  • Company Data recovery – for those dreaded moments when your computers fail and you need to recover your important data.
  • Disaster Recovery planning – to ensure you have a plan in place should something happen to your computer system that is out of your control.
  • Server installation and support – if you need an update to your current systems or just need a new server.
  • Networking – assisting and implementing your business network in relation to computers, laptops and printers.
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance- part of the IT support service an IT support company can provide help to fix a computer issue or just to see what is happening, without having to be physically at your place of business.
  • Spam filtering and anti-virus monitoring – setting up and maintaining anti-virus software and firewalls to protect your online business assets.

This is just a very brief list of some of the services and support an IT Support Company would provide to your business.

In your search for an IT support and managed IT services company, you need to ensure that they are up-to-date on the types of platforms and applications that you are using within your business.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services cover things like phones, mobile platforms, desktops, laptops, IT hardware and software. You need to feel confident that they understand your needs and are competent across every platform, network, hardware and software that you could potentially use in your business.

Utilising the services of an IT support company will free up your time, so you can focus on what matters: serving the needs of your customers and focusing on growing and maintaining your business.

Your business IT needs should be simple to understand and implement. Looking for an IT support company that provides help desk support and is proactive in their approach to your IT service needs is key to ensuring that your business is always working at its optimal level. An IT Support Company should be proactive in their monitoring so that your systems don’t breakdown when they are most needed.

Let’s Look at Some Examples

Let’s assume you are a sales company based out of the Sydney or Taren Point area, with reps out on the road and a dedicated sales support team back in the office, your IT support needs could look something like this:

  • Installation and deployment of iPad technology to your sales force. This would include setting up iPads with the necessary business applications that your sales reps need to present your products to your customers and potential customers in a way that highlights your business.
  • PC supply and installation with remote support to ensure your sales team is able to support your sales reps with processing orders in a timely manner and getting information to them quickly and efficiently.
  • Monitoring of internet security and email setup.
  • Technical support to assist with any minor issues that may occur, enabling staff to solve problems quickly and move on to the tasks at hand.

Another example might include a graphic design company in the Sydney area. Your needs are going to be a little different. You’ll need the latest in Apple technology so you can provide your clients with the best in logo and marketing designs possible. Your needs might look like this:

  • Implementation and deployment of Apple Macs, and Mackbooks including the latest operating system and applications available for graphic design.
  • You’ll need ongoing monitoring and network support to ensure that your designers are able to perform their functions at their best by accessing the latest in hardware and software.
  • Wireless networking will be a top priority to allow your designers the ability to work from anywhere within the building, especially during design collaboration.

These are the types of requirements and solutions that SSIT can provide your company. Contact us today to help with your IT Support and managed IT service needs.