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Expect smart solutions from Smart Solutions IT Services

Smart Solutions IT Services or SSIT is one of the most esteemed IT companies in Sydney. We are an IT servicing company who cater for business clients that value their IT systems.

We know how important it is for your business that it runs smoothly. We can work hard to provide you with the best possible turnaround time to attend to your requests for support. The wide range of professional IT support services that we offer includes:

Managed IT Services:

For a flat monthly fee, we can monitor and maintain your IT systems

Managed IT Services:

For a flat monthly fee, we can monitor and maintain your IT systems

IT Consulting:

We can examine your company's current IT set-up and give independent advice.

Server Installation:

We can install and configure a Microsoft Windows Server for your company.

On-going Maintenance Plans:

We can use LabTech to maintain your computer or server.

Off-Site Backup Solutions:

We can help you to arrange a proper data backup strategy.

IT Outsourcing:

Free up more time to focus on your business rather than IT headaches.

Anti-Spam Solution:

Prevent spam from clogging up your company's email inboxes.

Domain/Website/Email Hosting:

Your business can benefit from high availability servers with our website hosting, 100MB disk space with our email hosting and a more professional-looking domain name with our domain hosting.

Cloud Computing (Microsoft Office 365):

Thanks to our services in this area, your company can put its precious data on the Internet in a way that is secure and ensures that it can be accessed from many different computers in your company's network.

Once we have got to know your business and its unique preferences and requirements in IT support Sydney services, we can tailor a special plan to your needs.

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Give us the opportunity to know your business and we can tailor a plan to your needs.

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